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District Nurses

The district nurse team cares for patients who need nursing at home and are based at Farndon Green health Centre in Wollaton.

Mental Health Team

Professor Clive Adams
Clive Adams

Professor Adams visits the practice every other week, generally on a Friday afternoon.

He sees patients with mental health problems, which are either serious, long-term or require further choices about medication. We have close liaison and all care is delivered as a team.


Eleanor Turner

Senior Mental Health Adviser

Ellie Turner is the Senior Advisor for the University Mental Health Advisory Service. In this referral only service, Ellie manages a caseload of students with significant mental health problems. This includes giving support, advice and guidance to students and staff on effective management of a full range of mental health difficulties. In addition to closely working with the University of Nottingham Health Service, this role also requires Ellie to liaise with academic staff and wider NHS services and is often used as the interface between University and Secondary Mental Health Services. Alongside working with students, Ellie is responsible for the management and development of the team.


Denise Eaves
Denise Eaves
Health Promotion Adviser

Denise is employed by the University of Nottingham and works closely with the practice to promote the health and wellbeing of students.

Denise coordinates the University's HealthyU campaign which encourages students to adopt healthier lifestyles.


Farrah Humberstone

Mental Health Adviser

Farrah Humberstone joined the Mental Health Advisory Service in 2011, managing a caseload of students with significant mental health problems. In her role she provides support, advice and guidance to students experiencing a range of mental health difficulties. She also provides welfare advice and training to academic staff across the University in relation to student mental health management. Farrah liaises with the GP’s at Cripps Health Centre and other external NHS services in order to help co-ordinate student mental health care.

Farrah is also involved in mental health promotion in conjunction with the University HealthyU campaign.










Helen Coombes

Mental Health Adviser

Helen Coombes is a part-time Mental Health Advisor working for the University’s Mental Health Advisory Service. She manages a caseload of students who have been referred to the service due to finding that significant mental health problems are impacting on their studies, providing them with support, advice and guidance. She also advises welfare and academic staff at the University, liaising with them as well as external services where appropriate, to help co-ordinate the support and care students are receiving. She assists Denise Eaves, who takes the lead on developing and organising events to raise awareness and reduce discrimination around mental health.




New Leaf

Patients wishing to give up smoking can be referred to a New Leaf Clinic, a local NHS initiative to support smoking cessation.