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Before booking an appointment please see the information about surgery times and who to see.

Appointments last 10 minutes as standard, if you require more time, please read about our longer appointments.

Booking an appointment

You can make an appointment in the following ways.


Book online (if registered for this service*). 

You can also download our patient access app from your mobile phone. This allows you to book and cancel appointments and request repeat prescriptions. 

Call us

Via the telephone - 0115 846 8888 (option 3).

Drop in

By visiting the Health Centre and booking in person.


*On-Line Access through the EMIS ACCESS system is available to all registered patients. However, you require a password and username. These can be obtained from reception but at busy times you may need to leave a slip and we will post them to you. When you receive the username and password follow the instructions in Electronic services. 

This online system allows you to book appointments, order repeat medication and view the coded information in your medical records, such as problems/diagnoses, results, immunisations, and medication. As this allows access to your personal data, when you apply to register for this service, you will need to provide photographic evidence of your identity (i.e. student ID card, passport, drivers licence). If you only wish to use this service to book appointments and order repeat medication, please inform the receptionist. Please ask reception for a patient information leaflet should you require further information. Once you receive your username and password (please note, you will be required to provide your photographic ID again when collecting your login details) you can follow the instructions in Electronic services.

Longer appointments

If you have more than one problem, particularly if they are both new problems or involve complex issues, please ask for a longer appointment. Also consider a 20 minute appointment if attending for the first time for a mental health issue, eg depression/anxiety. This option is not currently available via the web.

Nurse reviews – diabetes, asthma, travel ─ all need longer appointments. Please tell the reception desk when booking and do not book via the web, which does not give this option.

Cancelling appointments

If you can't make an appointment please cancel it via the web or by phoning. This allows us to rebook it for someone else, particularly for emergency appointments. Repeated non-attendances without informing us/cancelling seriously affects your relationship with the practice.