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We offer full child health surveillance including regular developmental checks and immunisations for the Under 5s.

Child health reviews are carried out by the Doctors and by our Health visitor, Caroline Davies. Caroline runs a clinic at the Health Centre on Tuesday afternoon and may also visit families in their homes if appropriate. She can be contacted via Reception.

Health reviews

Newborn review

This is normally done in hospital unless you have had a normal delivery and have been discharged after only 6 hours. This would rarely be the case for first time mothers. If your new baby requires this health check please contact the Health Centre as soon as possible after you return home

Birth review

For the first ten days after your baby is born both you and your baby will be under the care of a midwife who will visit you at home as often as you both think is necessary. She will be able to deal with any concerns you may have. She will make sure the baby is feeding well and will also monitor his or her weight.

10-14 day review

The health visitor takes over the care of the baby from the midwife at around 10 days and will continue to monitor the baby’s health including weight.

She will also examine the baby’s hips to check they are stable


6-8 week review

Please arrange for this to be done at the Health Centre by one of the Doctors, usually the same person who has looked after you when you were pregnant. Your baby will have a full physical examination. We will also discuss childhood immunisations with you-see below for full schedule and further details.

3-4 month health check

This is a further hip check to exclude hip instability and is carried out at the health centre by the health visitor.

Additional reviews

There are further optional developmental checks after this time up until your child starts school. Details of these can be discussed with the health visitor or can be found in the Personal Child Health Record (the red book).



For full details on childhood immunisations, see our immunisation schedule. For more details on individual vaccines and frequently asked questions go to:

How to arrange for your child to be immunised

Please book an appointment with the practice nurse for immunisations. The very first immunisation, at 2 months of age, can be scheduled on the same day as the 6-8 week developmental check in order to minimise your trips to the Health centre.

Children born outside the UK.

We offer all immunisations in line with the UK schedule as above.

If you wish to complete a course of vaccination started in your own country (eg Hepatitis B) then there will be a charge for this as it is not covered by the UK schedule. (N.B. The charge does not apply where there is a risk of contracting infection eg where a family member has Hepatitis B.)


BCG is the vaccination that protects against tuberculosis (TB). This is now only offered to those individuals at greatest risk. This includes babies whose parents or grandparents were born in a TB high prevalence country.

This vaccination is either given in hospital before your baby goes home, or is available at Nottingham University Hospital-City Campus. Tel 0115-9691169 (ext 46051) for an appointment.