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Registering with the University and moving away from home can involve a lot of planning and time. AS part of this process it is important to consider your healthcare requirements.

Most UK students will be registered with a UK General Practitioner/Family Doctor. However, it is  best to register with a practice close to where you spend most of the year, which will be your university address.

We are one of many practices locally that you could use but many students do choose to register with us. As we are located on the main University campus access is easy and healthcare is convenient.

We have an active dialogue and relationship with the University so are often involved in supporting students with medical problems and liasing with the University. Our list size is approximately 27,000, therefore we serve much of the Nottingham University community.

Our staff include nine dedicated doctors, five nurses and other associated staff, including health visitor, midwife, visiting psychiatrist and physiotherapist (provided by the University and based within the Health Centre).

Registration forms

Please bring the following forms with you when registering with the Health Centre.

If you do not have them you will have to complete them again from memory which may not provide us with information that affects your medical care.

Please download the registration form and confidential medical questionnaire (in PDF format). Print the forms, complete them and then bring them with you to the practice. 

You will need abode acrobat reader to open the form.


To be eligible for our practice we ask that you are on a course or employed by The University of Nottingham (or spouse/child of someone eligible) and fall within our practice boundaries.

This is usually the case with almost all students as our boundaries are set to areas most students live.

See our practice boundaries.

International students

Persons from abroad and studying full-time for a minimum of six months may also register (for periods shorter that 6 months you must be seen as a private patient and each consultation is chargeable). To make the registration process as straight forward as possible we ask you to print the registraion form and confidential medical questionnaire, complete and bring them with you to the Health Centre.

Returning students who have not registered at Cripps previously or who registered elsewhere over the summer/last year will need to contact the Health Centre.


Please fill in all information as accurately as you can as it may form the basis of care. Where possible include doses and frequency of medication. Be particularly careful with allergyinformation and immunization history as incorrect information can put you at risk. Your current GP should be able to provide this information but be patient they may have a number of requests and this is not urgent (allow time for your current practice to deal with it).