The University of Nottingham Health Service
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Register with us

You may register with the University of Nottingham Health Service (UNHS) if you are a:

  • student on a course of a minimum of three months at The University of Nottingham living within our catchment area
  • member of staff on a contract of at least six months and you live within our catchment area
  • spouse, child or dependant of students and staff (as above)

Most patients will register with us at the beginning of the academic year during a specially organised week, which is usually held in the Senate Chamber of the University.

Cripps health centre reception

Choosing your doctor

UNHS are a group practice and you may see any of the doctors. You have a right to express a preference to see a particular doctor, in which case we will record this and try to ensure - subject to availability of appointments with that particular doctor - that your preference is met.

Registration forms

You may register with the practice at any time by visiting reception and completing a number of simple forms. 

If you do not have them you will have to complete them again from memory which may not provide us with information that affects your medical care.

Please download, print and complete the registration form and confidential medical questionnaire (pdf) and bring it with you to the practice.