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There are 15 methods of contraception (preventing pregnancy) available in the UK. 

Some methods rely on you remembering to take or use them, such as  the contraceptive pill or condoms.  Others have no user failure and are more permanent such as the contraceptive injection or IUD.

Condoms are the only method to protect against both pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections.

The University of Nottingham Health Service offer the full range of contraceptive services.  Make an appointment with a nurse to discuss your options.

Useful websites

My contraception tool is an online questionnaire by the FPA to help you choose the right method. 

Or visit  to get more information on contraception or even download a FREE pill reminder app for your mobile phone!

Advice leaflets

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More on contraception

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 C card scheme

The C Card scheme provides FREE condoms to under 25s in Nottingham.

For more information visit the sexual health home page