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We hope that your time at the University of Nottingham will be happy and healthy. Everyone arrives at university with different experiences and ideas about sex. 

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FREE Condoms

If you are thinking about having sex it pays to be prepared

  • Bodyworks is a page on the Family Planning Association website which covers male and female bodies, menstruation, reproduction and contraception
  • Book an appointment to register on the C-card scheme (takes 15-30 mins)
  • this is a distribution scheme providing free condoms and lubricant for under 25s in Nottingham city
  • once registered you can pick up condoms anywhere you see this sign

C-Card logo 

Visit the C-card website for a full list of pick up points.  These include:

  • University of Nottingham Health Service, Cripps health centre
  • Boots Pharmacy, next to Cripps and also Victoria shopping centre and Broadmarsh
  • Students' Union Advice Centre, Portland building

Sexual orientation

Sexual orientation refers to who you are attracted to: physically, emotionally and sexually.

Most people are attracted to

  • individuals from the opposite sex
  • individuals from the same sex
  • individuals from both sexes

Being at university may be a time when you explore your sexuality. The LGBT network, run by the Students' Union provides support, run campaigns and are available for anyone wanting a chat.

NHS Choices contains webpages on gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender health.

Relationship advice 

Relate, the national charity on relationships offer courses, workshops and counselling for singles and couples. These include

  • becoming intimate
  • moving on after a relationship ends
  • common sex life problems

Visit the Relate website for lots of online resources and information.

The University of Nottingham Counselling Service also provide relationship counselling for students and staff.

Domestic abuse

Domestic abuse includes all attempts to control or coerce another person who is a current or ex-partner.  It may be physical violence, emotional/mental abuse, financial or sexual abuse.

Visit the Nottinghamshire Domestic Violence Forum website or call the 24 hour helpline on0808 800 0340

Males are invited to make a pledge to never commit, condone or remain silent about domestic abuse under the Man Enough white ribbon campaign.

Rape and sexual assault

The Topaz Centre is Nottinghamshire's Sexual Assault Referral Centre.  They provide support and information whether or not you decide to report to the police. 

The NHS Choices website contains more information, personal stories and what to expect.

The University of Nottingham Counselling Service provide counselling to staff and students affected by rape and sexual assault.

Nottingham Rape Crisis is a local service within the city centre.