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Smokers often say that they smoke to handle stress.  Yet evidence says this is just anxiety caused by physical withdrawal symptoms.  When smokers quit, stress and anxiety levels drop.

Most smokers want to quit and most know it's bad for their health.

Watch these videos on YouTube to see

NHS Choices, the national health information website has a webpage: What happens to teen smokers?


Thinking about stopping

Smokefree is the NHS website  which can help you think about your smoking habit.

They offer a range of useful tools such as a cost calculator.  You can get a free quit kit which has tips, ways to record progress and a tangle to keep your hands and mind busy.

Quit is the national charity which helps smokers to stop and young people to never start. 

Did you know?

If you add up all the people killed by road traffic accidents + other accidents + poisoning and overdose + murder and manslaughter + suicide and HIV infection and then times by 6 = number killed by smoking in the UK

Ready to quit now?

Research suggests you are 4 times more likely to stop for good if you get support from your local NHS service.

New Leaf is the free Nottingham city service for smokers who want to quit

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Your GP can refer you or you can refer yourself by calling 0800 561 2121 or text NEW to 80800

New Leaf have friendly, specially trained advisers. They can help you quit and can support your use of Nicotine Replacement Therapy (pills, patches etc) or other aids like Zyban or Champix.

Various clinics are available across the city, including one at Cripps health centre (call the number above or book via reception on 846 8888).

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